A site with extreme climatic conditions

Because of the sometimes extreme climatic conditions, similar to those found in high mountains, the aerological conditions are very changeable and very different from those we can know in Clermont-Ferrand, which is only 15km away!

We therefore advise you to cover yourself well and we will give you a weather report the day before your appointment to confirm or not your flight.

A lot of weather analysis but a reliability that cannot be total

Paragliding is an activity that is very sensitive to the vagaries of the weather, which is why we consult many advanced sites and cross-check their models. But despite our experience and the plethora of sites, weather remains an uncertain science based on a confidence index. Depending on this index and your distance, we make the decision whether or not to keep the appointment. Among other sites consulted :

Meteoparapente Logo

Météo Parapente


The reference weather site for paragliding and gliding. Complete and ultra-simple to use.



Windy is a site that offers you live weather information from all over the world. Its little extra: an interface allowing you to visualize the wind, the precipitations, the temperatures, the pressure ….



Real-time weather and weather forecasts for France, Weather observations, numerical models and weather software (GFS, ECMWF, UKMO, GEM, AROME, …)




Meteoblue is more generalist but interesting in the long term in terms of dew point. Precipitation. Rain, snow, ice and hail. Clouds. Cover, shapes, interpretation. Wind. Classification, interpretation