If you want to discover other incredible activities in the Puy de Dôme, here is a small list of different activities to do with friends, family or on your own!




With Volc’Envol come and live a new adventure, discover paramotor or simply fly away for pleasure, contemplate landscapes seen from the sky and put yourself in the shoes of a bird for a moment.

Electrically assisted mountain bikes

Freedom VTT


Do you like mountain biking? You’re going to love electrically assisted mountain biking with Freedom VTT in Laschamps, at the foot of the Puy de Dôme. These electrically assisted mountain bikes allow you to cover the kilometres easily, to discover the Chaîne des Puys without too much effort. Ideal with family or friends, don’t hesitate any more and go pedal a little with Freedom!




Discover Auvergne landscapes by helicopter with HéliVolcan. During 30 minutes, you will be able to glimpse the Chaîne des Puys and the mythical volcanoes of Auvergne from the sky.


Issoire Nautique


The dream comes true on these powerful, state-of-the-art jet skis. At Issoire Nautique, discover the intense pleasure of sliding, whatever your level of riding, alone or with a passenger.


Issoire Nautique


If the experience is particularly physically demanding, the sensation of flying with thrusters underfoot is quite magical.  Once the centre of balance has been found between the two jets that propel us, it is very pleasant to try to control the board in the air, or to dive and do the torpedo underwater.